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Estate Planning – Answers about Powers of Attorney #6

by Bob Frie

It is essential that legal documents are kept secure so they are accessible as necessary. This is also true of powers of attorney.

What do I do with my power of attorney document?

“The original power of attorney should be given to the agent you appoint and a copy should be kept with your other important files. You may want to also provide a copy to banks and doctors with their files.”

Often after someone executes a power of attorney they move and many wonder: Is my power of attorney valid in other states?

“Yes, a power of attorney is valid in any state. However, laws regarding powers of attorney vary from state to state.” If you move after executing a power of attorney, it would be wise to consult an estate planning attorney in your new state and have them review your documents.


This article was published as a pamphlet as a public service by the Colorado Bar Association. Its purpose is to inform citizens of their legal rights and obligations and to provide information regarding the legal profession and how it may best serve the community. Before relying on this information, consult an attorney about your individual case.

Stay tuned to our blog for more explanations and answers to common questions on powers of attorney.