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Judicial Information – Jury #2

by Frie, Arndt & Danborn

What if my employer doesn’t want to pay me for the first three days of service?
Your employer has a duty under state law (§ 13-71-126, C.R.S.) to pay regular wages up to $50 per day if you are regularly employed. Employers may pay more than $50 by mutual agreement. If you are a part-time or temporary worker and have worked for the same employer for three months or more, then you are a regular employee.


If I have a felony conviction, am I eligible to serve on a jury?Denver, Colorado 2

By Colorado Revised Statues, Title 13, Article 71 Colorado Uniform Jury Selection and Service Act, §13-71-105 (3), you are eligible to be a trial juror, but you are not eligible to be a grand juror. However, a felony conviction may be a factor the parties consider in determining whether to keep a person on the jury.


Why did I receive a jury summons when I don’t live at the address on the summons?

Each year Colorado is required to create a new jury wheel. A list of names is received from voter registration, Department of Motor Vehicles and Department of Revenue. In order to be compliant with USPS standards, each summons is run through a process to check for the most recent address available and that address placed on the summons. You just need to contact the court that issued the jury summons and let them know your current address.