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Judicial System – Questions about Jury Duty #3

by Frie, Arndt & Danborn

Do I still have to serve on jury duty if I am a dependant of OR an active duty member serving in the military and do not claim residency in Colorado?

Military members are not exempt from jury duty in Colorado. If you are living in the County you are summoned for, you must report for Jury Service. Colorado does not consider your home of record or residence for jury duty purposes; instead, the County in which you are living controls.



What if I am a student, in the military, or retired?

Jurors who are temporarily out of the county or state. (This may include Students, Military Personnel, and Retired Persons). If the juror will be out of the county on their appearance date but will be returning within the next 6 months, they should be postponed to a time when they are back in the county.  Students who live in the county while attending school, but still maintain a permanent address in another county or state may apply for a postponement to a later date when they do not have class. Because students are spending more than 50% of their time in the town where they attend school, they should not change their service back to their “home” county or be disqualified Non-Residents.  If a person maintains a residence outside the county with no intention of returning to the county at any time during the succeeding twelve months than they should be disqualified as non-residents and not postponed.


What if I have a disability?

If you require an ADA accommodation for a program or service, please submit request at least 5 business days prior to the date of the program or service. Contact the jury commissioner at the court in which you have been summoned. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, the jury commissioners can request reasonable accommodations for a person with a disability. For additional information on the Americans with Disabilities Act, please see the ADA section in the Human Resources Division under the Court Administration tab.


This information publised by the Colorado Judicial Branch at:  https://www.courts.state.co.us/FAQs/Index.cfm