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“You might have added to your guidelines, “Be brief.” Jim has been my attorney for over 25 years. I have referred my clients to him without reservation, and they never been disappointed. Most recently, Jim put together an agreement on the sale of a $900,000 marina. Jim is honest, sticks to the point, keeps people at ease, and competent. He knows the law. He will always be my attorney.”

~ Mark

“Excellent Family Attorney. After many years of trying to get my ex to help pay for medical bills for our child who had medical disabilities, Jim took my case all the way to hearing and won! At hearing Jim was eloquent with his arguments for my son and my ex was ordered to not only pay for his share of our child’s medical expenses but was also ordered to pay additional child support after he turned 18. Both Jim and his staff were extremely knowledgeable and helpful and Jim was always willing to listen when I needed to vent my frustrations. while I hope i will not need his services in the future I would recommend him time and time again!”


“Not long ago, I was facing a difficult and terrifying probate case involving severe outside influence surrounding my wife’s passing. I was blessed with a referral to Jim Arndt and his sympathetic demeanor and supportive approach were of great comfort during this emotionally devastating time. Just as importantly, Jim’s extensive research into the factual elements of the case, thorough development of effective arguments, and highly focused yet calm presentation during the trial convinced the judge and jury of the truth and enabled us to prevail against an aggressive and often blustery opposition. While I hope I never encounter another situation like this one, if fate dictates I once again face this level of challenge, I would without hesitation engage Jim to represent me and the interests of my family.”


“Excellent experience with Mr. Bob Frie

I live in Vancouver, WA. When my mother passed away in February, I was in need of a strong, knowledgable Colorado estate attorney due to an upcoming legal battle with a sibling. I researched estate attorneys and was impressed with the information I gathered about Bob Frie and his legal firm. I made a call on a Friday afternoon and will forever be grateful to have the opportunity to speak with Mr. Frie. It was an emotional day for me and Mr. Frie compassionately discussed what had taken place with my mother. I knew from reading about him that he had 40 years of experience and was the founding partner of the firm.

From the beginning of Mr. Frie agreeing to represent me, to the conclusion of the estate process, Bob always kept me informed, discussed options, listened to me, and invested a lot of time and hard work into my legal situation. Being out of state was never an issue and Mr. Frie did absolutely everything possible to bring about a positive ending for me. I believe he went out of his way to give me the very best legal service. And, in doing so, I felt I had a friend as he listened patiently to my thoughts and concerns. As the legal issues got more involved, so did Mr Frie, and he was on top of every issue, every time. He made sure I understood what was taking place and I had 100% confidence in Mr. Frie’s knowledge and expertise.

One other bit of information I found out about Bob Frie on the Internet is that he is named one of the 100 Most Influential People in the History of Arvada! I mentioned this to him after we had worked together for a few months and he was quite humble about it.

I am grateful I had Mr. Frie as my attorney. He did an excellent job for me and I highly recommend him.

As a side note, I often spoke with his secretary and she consistently relayed my messages to Mr Frie and was a pleasure to work with as well.”

~ Melodee

“I found Mr. Arndt to be an excellent attorney and counselor during a very trying time and would highly recommend his services. He was professional and compassionate. He listened and gave sound advice. What was also very useful was that he gave accurate advice; he never promised more than what the Court was likely to order so I could plan accordingly and I wasn’t shocked or disappointed by the Court’s ruling. He was timely, something I have found is not easy to find in attorneys and he is easy to talk to. I have recommended him many times to friends and colleagues and they have experienced the same excellent work with him.”

~ Anonymous

“I found my experience with Frie, Arndt & Danborn to be extremely thorough & professional.  Paul Danborn took a very complicated case and broke it down in steps that I could understand and educated me on my options along the way.  I always felt that Paul had my best interest and protected my children and I throughout the process.  In addition, his staff and support team was always there for me along the way.  I would highly recommend Paul Danborn and his team!”

~ Sara

“Jim has been a volunteer mediator for our county-funded community mediation program since October, 2013. During his tenure with our program, he has completed 21 cases, mostly as a lead mediator. Most, but not all, of these cases have been family law cases, often referred to our program from county Child Support Services. Without Jim’s assistance, many of these parties would not have the benefit of mediation to help them resolve their child support and parenting issues. Seventeen of Jim’s cases have gone to mediation, and agreements were reached by the parties in 70% of them. This high agreement percentage is a tribute to Jim’s skills as a mediator and evidence of his empathy for the needs of the parties in a very trying time in their lives. As Director of this program, I can say that I value Jim highly as a volunteer, I respect his skills, and hope that he remains with our program for a very long time. Although I know Jim is a skilled attorney, I also highly recommend him as a mediator. As further evidence of Jim’s concern for our community, he has also served with me on our judicial district Access to Justice Committee and has been personally involved in the Committee’s outreach efforts to bring real justice to more of our citizens. I am happy to have the opportunity to testify to the skills Jim brings to his role as a mediator. I am pleased to give him a very high rating and commend him to anyone who is considering him as a mediator for their dispute.”

~ M.

“I live in Maine and several years ago was involved in a lawsuit which required legal representation in Colorado. Jim Arndt was recommended to me by a well respected Colorado judge.

As well as his legal experience, Jim’s down to earth personality, honesty, and integrity impressed me, especially since we were dealing with a less than honorable attorney and plaintiff. Jim kept me focused and grounded in the two year ordeal.

I would without hesitation recommend Jim Arndt for legal representation. Also, I would like to mention that his staff was very helpful and friendly.”


“Paul Danborn’s legal advice during my divorce continually focused on what was best for my children and the family as a whole. Time and time again I was surprised and relieved with the inclination towards restraint in dealing with events that could have easily escalated and become expensive and traumatic. When emotions were already running high because of the pain and trauma in our divorce, Paul had a settling affect on everyone involved. Our case could have easily blown up in a bad way with an attorney that had an agitating or inflammatory approach. Paul Danborn was the exact opposite. He hit a perfect balance between astute legal advice and that of the bigger picture of a family going through a very painful time in their lives. For this balance, I will always be grateful.”



I was sued by my HOA which was a very scary and stressful thing to go through. I felt that this lawsuit was an injustice but one never knows how a case may be judged. I needed an attorney immediately and Mr. Arndt came through and kept the HOA from gaining access to my property and placing a lien on my home. Jim has a calm demeanor which is important quality for dealing with a client that is upset and frightened. I felt that he really cared about my case and gave it a great deal of thought and follow through. He was open to my suggestions and input which was appreciated. Jim is very honest and would not tell me what I wanted to hear but he would tell me the truth and that gained my complete respect for him. The case went to court and I am happy to say the court ruled in my favor including the plaintiff paying my attorney’s fees. I would highly recommend Jim for a complicated case such as this one or for that matter any case. You will be in good hands with Mr. Arndt.


“A Sensitive, Caring, and Experienced Attorney

My neighbor and I had the need for legal representation and help regarding a regrettable neighborhood situation that could seriously harm us. We received referrals from local community residents that told us Jim had the background, experience, and capability to help us. He was responsive and I was truly impressed by, not only his willingness to help, but that I really feel he felt we were being treated poorly and incorrectly and he wanted to do what was needed to protect us. It was not just words but a commitment to help that also came from the heart.”